One Thousand Sleepless Tales


Heavy Themes, including depression, suicide, and violence against children

A young mage named Reyen ventures out into the world for the first time. Cursed to never sleep again—and upon learning that something sinister is eating other people's dreams—she vows to help them by entering their dream-lands. Waking them up means helping them break their fantasies and seek acceptance within themselves. Reyen learns what it means to live and have desires from their stories. Reyen's story, however, is not without turmoil; every dream she ventures into causes immense stress to her physical body.

This is a demo! Full game is still in development!

One Thousand Sleepless Tales is an RPG Maker horror game inspired by classic games like The Witch's House, Mad Father and Ib. This game is still a work in progress; all themes are not fleshed out, and all warnings are not yet discovered. More warning labels will be added as the team continues to improve the game. Remember that this is a demo, so please excuse any bugs or typos you may encounter.

Thank you for playing!

Please leave a comment with any advice or feedback you have.



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Valencia Coleman

Project Manager/Lead Programmer


Riegan/Rien Oh

Lead Writer/Concept Artist


Twitter: @_Riennn

Insta: @_riegann.n

Raptor Dev

Map & Level Design/Programmer


Discord: raptor0999#9053


Valentine Daunt

Music & Sound Design

Listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud or YouTube



Contact: (or via Itch)

Osvaldo Gonzalez a.k.a. "Kikilo"

Pixel Art & Animation


Twitter: @Kikilo_G


Discord: Kikilo#9505

Content Credits


MV noble interior - SchwarzeNacht
Gothic Furniture - Nicnubill
Furniture - RTP Edits - Starbird Resources
PandaMaru MV nature3 - SchwarzeNacht
Haunted Graveyard - RMMV RTP Edits + More - Starbird Resources
Custom Tileset RPG MAKER MV - sipjoss
Statue Decorations - aweryn
Building Roof - aweryn
RPG Maker VX Ace: Inside B edits - sarahyt


Message Core (YEP) v1.19 - Yanfly
Save Core (YEP) v1.06 - Yanfly
Autosave (YEP) v1.00 - Yanfly
Move Route Core (YEP) v1.04 - Yanfly
Event Chase Player (YEP) v1.07 - Yanfly
Footstep Sounds (YEP) v1.01 - Yanfly
Game Over Core v1.07 - SumRndmDde
Basic Module v1.23 - Victor Engine Plugins
Fog and Overlay v1.07 - Victor Engine Plugins
Filter Controller v2.0.9  - Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)




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Hello, I started playing in September. I was wondering if you guys are still working on it? if so are there going to be any new updates soon? 

Hi there and thanks for checking in with us!

Our team planned to develop and release more around Halloween 2022, but we just ended up being too busy with life in general to make that happen.

However, the team is planning to start back on development this Summer, so look for some updates then or possibly early Fall!

understandable but nonetheless, I’m excited either way I can’t wait!!!

Amazing game and can't wait for more. 

Thank you so much! We should have a slightly longer version of it with an added chapter or two coming at the end of October!


Good game

Thank you for playing it!

My pleasure

Really interesting demo, this game is definitely weird in a good way, the premise although not completely defined, is interesting, the mechanics are there, there is definitely a surprise waiting in some corners and even tho the story goes everywhere is easy to follow and has some deep moments (except for the end that is gonna haunt my free thinking time for weeks).

Aside from the obvious short comings the game has because, well, it's a demo and it's obviously not finished, the only problem with this game is that is too short! I will be waiting for the full version.

Keep the good work!


Thank you so much for checking out the game! We are currently working on the full release! It's quite a decent size project, but we are hoping to have more around Halloween. 

Also, your video was highly entertaining! 

Thank you again!